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Pyzel Surfboards is super excited to drop the latest in their Velocity Project lineup, the Precious, teaming up with Jai Glindeman for this one. It's a dream to paddle, quick to get moving, and packs a punch with its performance vibe, making it awesome for pretty much any wave from tiny 1-footers to solid 6-footers. The idea for the Precious popped up when Jon Pyzel's buddy was on the hunt for the ultimate all-rounder surfboard to take on his world travels – something that could handle any wave thrown at it. They ended up calling it the Precious, which is a little shoutout to "The Lord of the Rings" fans (if you know, you know).

Jon took inspiration from the Gremlin board because it's just so much fun and super adaptable, but they wanted to tweak it to feel more high-performance by trimming down the width and smoothing out the rails. They went with a step-deck to keep the board light and floaty but still sharp and responsive. The cool part about the step-deck is it also gives the board a bit of a concave shape on top, making it more stable and even boosting your paddle power.

Here's what makes the Precious pretty special:

  • The step deck isn't just for looks; it makes the board more stable, responsive, and easier to paddle.
  • It's got a flat entry rocker and just enough curve in the tail to zip around easily, pick up speed, and whip around turns.
  • It's sleeker and tighter than the Gremlin, perfect for keeping up speed in slower sections.
  • The bottom's shaped with a single to double concave that gives you a nice lift and drive without sticking.
  • Plus, there's a generous V off the wide tail block for smooth transitions from rail to rail.

The Precious is meant to be ridden a bit longer or shorter than you are tall, depending on how you surf. You'll want to add a bit of width and go by volume (not thickness) when you order because the concave deck keeps it buoyant.

You can set it up as a tri-fin, quad, or 2+1 – whatever floats your boat!

And if you're digging the Precious but want something a tad more high-performance for bigger waves, Pyzel suggests checking out The Ghost. It's a beast in 3-12ft surf.

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