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Fast, loose and ultra rippable, The Radius Prime is a newly re-tuned version of the Radius, which is already a hit as the go-to high-performance shortboard for the pros. It's the board Jordy Smith chose as his favourite in the Stab in the Dark showdown.

This update keeps all the good stuff from the original that everyone loves but brings in some fresh tweaks. It's still perfect for the good stuff – those clean, solid waves. With its continuous medium/high bottom rocker, turning is a breeze, and the single concave gives it that extra lift and push. The Prime version steps it up with a bit more tail rocker, making it snappier and getting you up into the wave's lip more smoothly. The added hip in the outline makes it super responsive and fun to ride, and bumping up the nose width means more drive and smoother rides.

Whether you're hitting punchy beach breaks, cruising on point waves, or tackling any reef break around the planet, the Radius Prime shines in waves with a bit of shape, letting you push your limits on bigger waves with confidence.

With its top-notch performance, the Radius Prime is the board to grab if you're looking to step up your surfing game. They've even added a bit more foam across all sizes to make sure it floats just right, and if you're really looking to challenge yourself, check out the round tail version for that extra edge.


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