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RNF '96

RNF '96

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Introducing the Lost Surfboards RNF '96 PU, a quintessential surfboard that echoes the revolutionary spirit of its predecessors while embracing modern craftsmanship and performance. This board is a nod to the iconic year 1996, a pivotal moment when our experimental foray into "fish" designs gained traction, laying the groundwork for a design that would captivate not just our circle but the global surfing community.

Genesis of a Legacy: In the winter of '95/'96, we meticulously honed the original RNF, replicating and resizing it by hand with an artisan's touch. This was the era when Chris Ward and Cory Lopez, armed with these innovative quivers, carved their names into surfing history on the North Shore. Though hand-shaped and imperfect, these boards were the progenitors of a design meant for a broader spectrum of enthusiasts, from close-knit friends to the expanding horizons of the surfing universe.

Reimagining a Classic: The RNF '96 PU pays homage yet doesn't entirely conform to the original fish designs developed during the lead-up to the iconic 1997 surf film "5'5" x 19 1/4"." With scarce remnants from that epoch (mainly Cory's delicate, thin boards, while Chris' seem lost in time), the re-creation relies on intuitive craftsmanship — what feels right, looks right, and will undoubtedly perform right.

One surviving relic — a 5'10" x 20" x 2-5/8" board from a transformative South African journey — symbolises a departure from the limiting boards of the mid-90s, embodying freedom and performance that intrigued fellow shapers and enthusiasts alike. Unlike contemporary fish boards, mostly kneeboard-inspired with wide tails and parallel outlines, our RNF was conceived for performance, echoing the competitive edge of Mark Richards' dynamic twin fins from the 80s, fine-tuned for not just small waves but diverse conditions.

Refined for the Modern Surfer: In crafting the RNF '96, we've exercised creative liberty informed by 25 years of evolution, aiming for consistency (and arguably superiority), while staying true to the 1996 RNF's spirit. Exhaustive testing by our elite team, including Kolohe Andino, Coco Ho, Ian Crane, Crosby Colapinto, and various guests, validates that the RNF '96 surpasses expectations as an all-encompassing, fun, and rip-able board for surfers across the spectrum.

Signature Features:

  • Rocker Curves: Faithfully retained from the original, these proven curves are ingrained in the RNF '96.
  • Outline Curves: Precision in symmetry, with the nose and tail sharing the same 12” width, enhanced with additional curvature and width near the tail, setting it apart from standard fish designs.
  • Bottom Contours: A distinctive single to double concave with accelerating Vee, staying true to the classic design elements.
  • Thickness, Deckline, Rails, and Tail Foil: Unlike the varied hand-shaped boards of the past, the RNF '96 adopts a more unified approach, guided by intuition and proven principles for optimal performance.

In essence, the RNF '96 PU isn't just a surfboard; it's a testament to a transformative era, refined through decades, offering surfers an unparalleled ride that is as much about honouring the past as it is about shaping the future of surfing.

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