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Explore the waves with Soft Tech's Roller Softboard, a meticulously hand-shaped Funboard crafted for both stability and ease of riding, making it the perfect ally for beginners embarking on their surfing journey.

Embrace the Roller's Generosity: The Roller isn't just a board; it's a confidence booster on the water. With its generous outlines and heightened volume, stability becomes its second nature, offering a forgiving learning curve for surfers. This buoyant creation ensures a comfortable ride, allowing newcomers to the sport to catch waves with confidence and ease. It's specifically designed to facilitate the progression from simply riding waves to executing basic maneuvers, providing a stable platform for riders of all ages to hone their foundational surfing skills.

Revolutionary VFS Fin System: Experience customization like never before with our exclusive VFS (Versatile Fin System) technology. This innovative screw-in removable fin setup is engineered with compatibility in mind, adapting effortlessly to FCS fins. Our Original Series boards come to life with this system, offering versatility to match your evolving needs.

Transform your surfing experience by simply altering the fins in response to the ever-changing wave conditions or your growing skill set. With the VFS, there's no need to replace your entire board—just adjust your fins to unlock new levels of performance. Whether you're navigating the uncertainties of learning or exploring advancements in your abilities, the Roller Softboard is your adaptable companion through the thrilling world of surfing.

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