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The Inferno 72, a model from SharpEye Surfboards, is renowned as one of the fastest surfboards globally, boasting proven performance credentials. Developed specifically for small to medium-sized waves, this model has become a global favourite, both among professional surfers and everyday enthusiasts. Its popularity is underlined by its success in the Stab in the Dark competition, making it a highly sought-after, everyday shortboard.

This model features a meticulously designed bottom contour with a medium single concave that transitions into a deep double concave between the fins. This design is complemented by a medium entry rocker that smoothly flows into a medium exit rocker, offering an instant speed boost right from take-off. This combination allows for an impressive blend of maneouverability and drive, making it ideal for everyday surfing conditions.

The Inferno 72 is also characterised by its medium rails, which provide a controlled and reliable surfing experience. Its ability to handle a wide range of conditions is a testament to its versatile and proven performance.

For surfers looking to add the Inferno 72 to their quiver, it is recommended to choose the same size as their regular go-to shortboard. For a step-down option, going one inch shorter is advisable.

The board's outline is designed for performance, striking a perfect balance between maneouverability and drive, suited for everyday conditions.

The recommended fin setups for this model include a thruster configuration, with specific suggestions such as the FCS Filipe Toledo PC Fins or SharpEye PC Fins, and for Futures, the SharpEye Fins or F8 Fins.

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