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Sharpeye's #77 Surfboard Model: A Testament to Performance and Precision

Board Features:

  • Glassing Specifications: The #77 model is constructed with a Stock PU build, featuring a 4x4x4 glassing schedule, ensuring a balance of durability and performance.
  • Bottom Contour: It boasts a single concave design, which enhances speed and drive, perfect for dynamic surfing.
  • Tail Shape: The rounded pin tail offers a smooth and responsive feel, ideal for carving and precision surfing.
  • Fin Setup: Compatible with both Thruster, FCSII, and Futures fin systems, this board offers versatility and adaptability to various wave conditions.
  • Ride Recommendation: For optimal performance, it is recommended to ride this board at the same length as your height.

Model Overview: The #77 model holds a special place in surfing history as Filipe Toledo’s choice during his remarkable victory at the 2017 J Bay Open. Compared to the Holy Toledo model, the #77 features increased entry and exit rocker, granting it enhanced maneouverability in steep wave sections. This progressive rocker profile allows for tighter arcs and more critical vertical maneuvers, especially in and off the lip.

The #77 is particularly suited for good, punchy waves and is recommended for intermediate to experienced surfers, offering a challenging yet rewarding ride.

Recommended Fins:

  • For those using Futures fin systems, the JJF Fins or F8 Fins are ideal choices.
  • For surfers with FCS setups, the Accelerator Fin Family, including Filipe Toledo Fins or Accelerator PC Carbon Fins, are recommended to complement the board's performance characteristics.

The Sharpeye #77 surfboard is a fusion of cutting-edge design and top-tier performance, crafted for surfers who demand excellence in their wave riding experience."

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