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Pro Range – Storms Model

The Storms from SharpEye Surfboards delivers the world’s fastest surfboard with Increased Everyday Performance in small to medium conditions.

A Kanoa Igarashi Pro Model. The Storms was developed to offer Increased Everyday Performance in small to medium conditions. Featuring a performance outline with a bump squash combined with a medium rail, the Storms model delivers the perfect balance of predictable and controlled performance with the ability to make blistering directional changes. The bottom contour features a medium single concave that flows into a deep double between the fins. These concaves, combine with a medium entry rocker that blends seamlessly into a medium exit rocker, providing an instant burst of speed from take-off, and adding extra manoeuvrability and drive. A supreme combination for everyday conditions.

Choose the Storms as the ideal alternative to the Inferno 72.

Model Outline

Pro Range. Performance shortboard outline delivering Increased Everyday Performance.

Bottom Contours

Medium Single to Deep Double Concave.

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