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Summer Terra Surf Hat

Summer Terra Surf Hat

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Inspired by our natural environment our Summer Terra Surf Hat features:

  • An outer shell made of 100% post-consumer recycled Nylon.
  • A sun-blocking firm brim that holds its shape and strikes a perfect balance between rigidity and flexibility.
  • An adjustable rear back strap & buckle creating a snug and personalised fit.
  • An adjustable neoprene chin strap that’s mesh free (doesn’t cover your ears) and allows you to enjoy the sounds of the ocean.
  • An internal neoprene headband to ensure your hat sits comfortably on your head.
  • Two vent/drain holes on the crown to reduce water and heat build-up.
  • A convenient drying loop is integrated into the design for two reasons: 1. Easy rinsing and hanging out, 2. Run your straps through it, connect them and hide them away neatly out of sight.
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