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The Sharpeye Synergy, boasting a Squash Tail design, is a high-performance surfboard characterized by its meticulous construction and design elements, tailored for intermediate to expert surfers.

At the core of its build is the Stock PU glassing with a 4x4x4 configuration, ensuring a robust and responsive ride. The board features a deep single concave bottom contour, designed to generate significant speed and aid in swift maneuverability.

The squash tail shape is a pivotal aspect of the Synergy, facilitating tight and aggressive turns. This is complemented by a thruster fin setup, compatible with both FCSII and Futures systems, giving surfers flexibility in their fin choice.

Developed as a Jack Robinson Pro Model, the Synergy stands out with its continuous mid-entry to full exit rocker and medium rails. These features enable dynamic, explosive performance, allowing surfers to execute powerful maneuvers with ease. The board's design includes a slightly fuller nose and tail pod, contributing to its higher volume and a flatter deck. This results in a board that not only excels in speed but also offers a more forgiving ride in various wave conditions.

The Synergy is best ridden in the same dimensions as one's performance shortboard. It fits seamlessly into a surfer's collection, ideally positioned between an Inferno 72 and #77. It shines in wave sizes ranging from 2 to 6 feet, making it a versatile choice for different surfing conditions.

For those seeking a board that delivers proven explosive performance, the Sharpeye Synergy is a standout choice. Recommended fin options include Futures SharpEye fins and FCS Performer Fin Family, with SharpEye or Performer PC Carbon Fins, to enhance the board's dynamic capabilities.

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