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The White Tiger is the latest offering in our Funformance category - a fun, stubby little board designed for average/below average waves. It gets up and goes easily, flies through the weakest sections, but still lets you smash the lip and boost airs along the way.

The very first one was a side project board for John John Florence, who rarely rides “fun” boards, just sticks to pure performance. It sat in his garage for maybe a year, and in the meantime I made a few for his little brother Ivan. It was the perfect design to fit Ivan’s surf/skate style and soon he was telling us how much he loved it and sending us clips of him doing big carves and boosting airs on it. Finally JJF pulled his 5’6’’ out and was immediately having a blast on it too. Now it’s one of John’s favorite boards to ride whenever he has some time off from the tour and just wants to play around with something different...ride the White Tiger anywhere from 2-5 inches shorter than your regular shortboard depending on your surfing ability, and ½ to 1 inch wider and add a bit more volume than you normally ride. (JJF and Ivan both ride 5’6’ White Tigers and their normal boards are 6’0)"-Jon Pyzel

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