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Discover the quintessence of versatility and warmth with Ripcurl's Women's Dawn Patrol 3/2 Back Zip Wetsuit, an exemplary full-length steamer tailored for the dedicated surfer.

Constructed from premium 3/2mm E5 neoprene, this suit strikes the perfect balance between insulation and flexibility. Experience unparalleled core warmth with the 3mm neoprene deployed in the chest and legs, and revel in the unrestrained freedom of movement provided by the 2mm neoprene in the arms — a harmonious design intended for effortless paddling and limitless surfing performance.

The Dawn Patrol isn't just about flexibility; it's engineered for comfort and rapid drying. Internally, the E5 flash lining segments expedite drying time, ensuring your suit is always ready for your next ocean adventure. Simultaneously, the E4 thermo lining amplifies warmth, allowing you to surf longer sessions in chilly waters without compromising comfort.

Integrity is paramount in the design with critically taped and sealed seams, enhancing the suit's durability and water resistance. The hydro-loc collar provides a safeguard against water intrusion, ensuring a snug fit that mitigates flushing, maintaining your core temperature even through the most tumultuous wipeouts.

Practicality meets ease with the back-zip entry system, meticulously designed for straightforward dressing and undressing, while promoting an exceptional stretch across the chest. Furthermore, the suit caters to the surfer's essentials with an integrated internal key pocket, offering secure storage without compromising comfort or performance.

As for the fit, it's perfect for diverse body types. Sammy, at 178 cm (5'10"), models a snug size XS, while Dani, standing tall at 185cm (6'1"), sports a size L, showcasing the suit's adaptability.


  • Thickness: 3/2mm
  • Wetsuit Entry System: Back-Zip
  • Sleeve Length: Long Sleeve

Embrace the waves with confidence, warmth, and supreme flexibility with the Dawn Patrol 3/2 - the ultimate ally for the surf enthusiast!

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