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The JS Xero Easy Rider surfboard is a versatile and high-performing board that is perfect for surfers of all levels. With its innovative easy rider design, this board provides excellent stability and control in the water, making it ideal for beginners and more experienced surfers alike. The board's lightweight construction and responsive shape make it a joy to paddle and manoeuvre. Whether you're looking for a board to help you progress your surfing skills or just looking for a fun and reliable surfboard, the JS Xero Easy Rider is the perfect choice. So, whether you're out in small, choppy waves or tackling larger, more powerful surf, this board is sure to deliver a fun and exciting ride every time.

Easy rider dimensions created with the goal of making our most popular models even more approachable. After a year of JS riding more different boards than ever before alongside Occy and Parko, with an R&D process riddled with injuries, lower fitness levels & work obligations, JS designed our EasyRider specs for easy paddling coupled with high performance surfing. Foam is hidden in all the right places for extra floatation, but with lowered rails that can still be buried at high speed.

Our new gold standard of all-rounders, the Xero came together by fusing elements of the most popular current models together, just like the Monsta Box. JS focussed on the strengths of our three clear global favourites over the past decade, and tested combinations along with fresh ideas endlessly alongside the Traktor Team to find the ultimate everyday shortboard. Built to blow minds in all conditions – especially weaker, flatter faced waves.

 Incredibly fast, this rocker fits into a huge range of waves, and provides even more drive than the Monsta Box. It’s flat enough to fly in anything but has just enough curve to be pushed hard when combined with the Monsta’s clean, performance outline, which flows into a slight hip that provides intuitive, instant direction changes. And similar to the Monsta Box, single concave under front foot runs into a double through the fins to give you extra lift yet maintain control in more critical sections.

We recommend riding the same dimensions as your Monsta Box 2020, or in EasyRider dims, closer to your Blak Box 3.


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