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JS Industries introduces their cutting-edge epoxy technology, HYFI 2.0, which is revolutionising the surfboard game. Picture a high-tech armour, an exoskeletal innovation that boosts the board's resilience while decreasing its weight, all the while optimising the precise type of flex necessary for peak performance. Since its debut half a decade ago, HYFI has undergone extensive enhancement in every facet—performance dynamics, flex response, velocity, materials, and even the production process.

At the core of HYFI 2.0 lies the concept of scaled engineering. By integrating precision-engineered stringers, or pins, scaled to the precise specifications of each board, JS Industries has dialled in the tech to the rider's size and style. The pin's dimensions adjust with the board's size, anchoring the stiffest part at the centre while allowing gradual flex towards the tips, resulting in a superior flex pattern for explosive maneouvers.

The innovation doesn't stop there. HYFI 2.0 has redefined structural balance by reinforcing the deck's strength, based on exhaustive testing with surfers of varying builds across a spectrum of wave conditions. This has led to a highly tailored technology that adapts to each specific set of board dimensions.

The Xero stands as the crowning achievement of HYFI 2.0. It's the result of a meticulous blend of attributes from the most lauded models of the past ten years, refined through endless testing and feedback from the Traktor Team. The Xero is an all-conditions phenom, especially excelling in the more challenging weak, flat waves, and is now available with the advanced HYFI 2.0 build.

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