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Get your young ones ready for fun-filled days in the sun with the VISSLA Youth Easy Seas Eco Short Sleeve Lycra. Designed with premium quality and practicality in mind, this short sleeve surf tee offers the ultimate sun protection without compromising comfort or style.

Crafted from sustainable materials, this tee underscores our commitment to the environment while providing a superior product. Made with 85% recycled polyester and 15% recycled spandex, it's both eco-friendly and high-performing, perfect for young, energetic surfers.

Key Features:

  1. Colour: Naval - A versatile and stylish hue that matches effortlessly with a variety of swimwear and beach attire.

  2. Material: 85% Recycled Poly, 15% Recycled Spandex - Made of durable, stretchable, and sustainable materials, this tee provides comfort and flexibility while reducing environmental impact.

  3. Short Sleeve Design: Offers enough coverage to protect from the sun, yet allows for freedom of movement for active play.

  4. UPF 50 Sun Protection: The highest rating for fabric, it blocks 98% of harmful UVA and UVB rays, ensuring your kids are safeguarded against the harsh sun.

  5. Subtle Chest Print: Features a small logo print at the left chest, adding a touch of style to this functional piece.

  6. Elastic Loop at Front Hem: Keeps the tee securely in place during activities, providing uninterrupted fun and adventure.

The VISSLA Youth Easy Seas Eco Short Sleeve Lycra is more than just a surf tee—it's a commitment to quality, comfort, and the environment. Let your kids enjoy the waves while staying protected and making a positive impact on the planet.

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