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Embark on an epic land surfing adventure with the YOW Pyzel Shadow 34" Surfskate. Modelled after the high-performance Pyzel Shadow surfboard, renowned for its agility and prowess in tackling waves, this surfskate mimics the same capabilities on solid ground.

From carving tight turns to performing daring snaps and soaring airs, the YOW Pyzel Shadow 34" Surfskate lets you channel your inner John John Florence, right on your local footpath.


  1. Size: The board measures 33.5″ x 9.85″ with a 17″ wheelbase, providing ample room for foot positioning and balance.
  2. Trucks: Equipped with YOW 9.0″ Standard/Silver Trucks for superior control and stability during rides.
  3. Wheels: The YOW URA 66x51mm 76A RAW White Wheels deliver the perfect balance of grip and slide, allowing for smooth rides and effortless turns.
  4. YOW System: Powered by the innovative Meraki (S5) System, enhancing the skateboard's responsiveness and mimicking the feeling of surfing on waves.
  5. Concave: A medium concave aids foot placement and provides a comfortable ride.
  6. Rocker: Featuring a tail rocker for an authentic surf-like feel and improved maneouverability.

Experience the thrill of surfing without the ocean with the YOW Pyzel Shadow 34" Surfskate. It's time to bring your surf skills to the streets.

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